Hydro-Clarifying Lotion

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Hydro-Clarifying Lotion helps protect your skin against dryness and provides a luxurious hydrating treatment that inspires a radiant complexion while removing dull surface cells and refining skin with a comfortable, refreshing sensation during your balancing step. It promotes translucence and a look of brightness from within, giving skin a stunning, renewed experience. An Illuminating Complex EX with precious silk and pearl elements helps moisturize and retexturize skin while reducing the appearance of damage caused by environmental stress. This clarifying lotion also promotes a purified, refreshed complexion, renews the appearance of skin for a flawless glow, provides a toning effect that tightens skin and removes sebum for a fresh, healthier-looking complexion. It provides positive effects on skin texture, firmness and translucence while reducing the visibility of pores, provides a refreshing texture that gives skin dewy smoothness and refines and rebalances skin to create an ideal environment for additional beauty treatment.